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Building a mobile app is no more the future; it is the present and will decide the future. StayDigital helps you amplify your business prospects and harness the power of mobile application development to expand your business across the mobile domain. Our mobile app development services cater to specifications of enterprise-wide mobility solutions on all major platforms be it android app development, iOS app development or hybrid app development. We can accelerate your mobile app development projects by reducing your development cost and increasing your mobile app marketing ROI.
Deciding which platform is best for your app is one of the first stages of our app development process. Our cross-functional team of developers, project managers, and marketing experts work with our clients’ to determine which platform should be developed first. For example, an enterprise customer, who is looking to use an app to improve the organization’s internal processes, may already have a preference based on which devices are currently being used, or it could be an enterprise client looking for an app to streamline their sales process may have already rolled-out Android-based tablets to each of their in-field sales reps.

Mobile App Design (UI/UX)

App design accounts for the steps between your idea and the actual development of your new app. From research to prototype, and everything in between, the app design process brings the look and feel of your project to life. Incorporating UX, UI, user journeys and personas, it’s much more than the visual elements.

Native Android/iOS Apps

Native iOS apps are coded in programming languages like Objective C & Swift, while native Android apps are most often coded in Java. Creating apps that are specific to an operating system means that we can incorporate built-in features to improve functionality, speed and security. Data from native apps is stored locally on the users device, allowing it to be used offline, uploading content to clients’ servers when an internet connection is available.

Hybrid Apps

Hybris apps are created with the help of web technologies like JavaScript, CSS, and HTML that are combined together. So technically, hybrid apps are websites put into a native app to look and function just like them. However, hybrid apps leverage cross-platform capabilities and use one code base to cover multiple platforms on the contrary to native applications.

Mobile App Visual Treat

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